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Genesis Church

Stand-alone messages from the pastoral team and visiting ministry at Genesis Church.

Look Up! SERIES Look Up!

Roger Blackmore

Twentieth Anniversary SERIES Twentieth Anniversary

Wally Odum

You Belong Here! SERIES You Belong Here!

Roger Blackmore

Imperfect_I'm Perfect SERIES Imperfect_I'm Perfect

Domingo Serrano

I Can He Will SERIES I Can He Will

Frank Summers

It's What We Do SERIES It's What We Do

Charlotte Pendleton

Mother's Day 2018 SERIES Mother's Day 2018

Basil D'Souza

To Hell...And Back (Palm Sunday) SERIES To Hell...And Back (Palm Sunday)

Roger Blackmore
March 25th 2018

I Press On SERIES I Press On

Charlotte Pendleton
March 18th 2018

The Jesus Creed SERIES The Jesus Creed

Billy Ritchie
March 11th 2018

The 180 Center SERIES The 180 Center

The 180 Center
New Haven, CT

Put On Love SERIES Put On Love

Charlotte Pendleton

He Stills The Storm SERIES He Stills The Storm

November 13th 2016
Basil D'Souza

Celebration Sunday SERIES Celebration Sunday

September 2016
Roger Blackmore

Now Is The Time SERIES Now Is The Time

Back To Church Sunday
Roger Blackmore

Midnight SERIES Midnight

September 11th 2016
Roger Blackmore

Celebrate America SERIES Celebrate America

Roger Blackmore

Hope Again SERIES Hope Again

Charlotte Pendleton

God's Child SERIES God's Child

Frank Summers