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Real Life Real Faith (Book of James)

You can't see faith. It doesn't have a physical form, The only way you can see a person's faith is by how it affects the way they live. Faith is always linked with action because our faith in God has to be more than talk, it needs to impact our values, choices, interactions and lifestyle in the real world. Our new teaching series REAL LIFE, REAL FAITH takes a journey through the New Testament book of James to discover what a life of faith will really look like.

Keep Going SERIES Keep Going

Real Life Real Faith
Part Five
Roger Blackmore

Living Different SERIES Living Different

Real Life Real Faith Part Four
Roger Blackmore

Hold Your Tongue SERIES Hold Your Tongue

Real Life Real Faith Part Three
Roger Blackmore

Walking The Walk SERIES Walking The Walk

Real Life Real Faith Part Two
Roger Blackmore

Faith Gives Us Perspective SERIES Faith Gives Us Perspective

Real Life Real Faith Part One
Roger Blackmore